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Your Extended Business Office

Our mission is to be your
hard working Extended Business Office,
to serve your customers with the highest level of professionalism, and enhance performance outcomes.

Customized Reference Cycle Solutions

As your Extended Business Office, we can provide customized programs to meet your specific needs including, but not limited to:

Programs We Offer

Special Projects

  • Early out programs
  • Insurance follow up: provide resources to follow up on insurance claims to request payment and to resolve claims in a timely manner.

Settlement Programs

Quick resolution of contract accounts. One time offer under your business name. This program can be used on self-pay accounts to help bring in extra cash flow.

  • Charity care screening
  • Customer service programs

Pre-Collection / Early-Out Program

Letters are sent requesting payments. If no payments are received then accounts could be forwarded to Extended Business Office Solutions for final resolution.

Pre-Collect Notices

Flexible pre-collect programs are designed specifically for each individual client. You will benefit from our expertise, low cost, and a reduction in your write-off accounts. We can provide the following:

  • Service consists of sending a pre-determined number of letters or statements to your customers
  • Letters/statements will be generated using your letterhead requesting payment

A/R Consulting

Professional development and continued learning is important for growth in any industry. We value the opportunity to share collection industry topics with you and your personnel and we enjoy learning more about their specific industries and their individual needs.

We employ several former revenue cycle managers who have over 120 years of experience between them and a past President of the local AAHAM chapters. Our executives are available to work with your staff reviewing all or part of your accounts receivable, including collection letters, collection policies and procedures, and timing issues. After a thorough analysis, you will be provided a free comprehensive report outlining ways in which to combine our proven techniques with your in-house collection efforts to increase current recovery results.

Self Pay Service

As healthcare costs continue to rise, patients are taking on greater responsibilities of self pay dollars. EBO Solutions can design a customized self pay program to meet your facility’s needs. EBO Solutions exercise great care in establishing and maintaining positive patient relationships. We will follow your facility’s specific standards, creating a seamless and fully integrated extension of your business office.

  • Statement generation with your logo
  • Dialer calling
  • Connected to your system
  • Notating results in your systemg
  • Process customer service calls

Monthly Payment Plan Statements

We will process and mail all monthly payment statements for those customers on a payment plan.

Pre-Screening For Charity Care

Using your facility’s guidelines, applications, and patient data, we can prescreen the patient and mail out applications for qualified consumers.

Statement Generation

The goal of the statement services is to create an opportunity to communicate with the consumer. Our program enhances and supports the internal efforts of your facility in resolving the open account. The program consists of a series of notices that are specifically designed to ensure a response from the consumer in a timely fashion.

  • Statement processing and mailing
  • Use of your logo
  • Mail return processing with updates
  • Third party skip tracing
  • Monies directed to your lockbox

Commercial Insurance Follow Up

We provide resources to follow up on insurance claims to request payment and to resolve claims in a timely manner.

  • Follow up on insurance claims for resolution
  • Request re-billing
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) review
  • Denial reviews

Customer Service Center

We will provide customer service representatives to call as an extension of your business office to request payment or to find out the disposition of an account.

  • Working as an extension of your business
  • Use of your system to notate calls
  • Inbound and outbound calls
  • Follow up for claim resolutions

Claim Resolution Management

  • Denial reviews
  • Insurance follow up with carriers

Payment Plan Processing

Customers are provided with the means by which to resolve, restructure and settle debt problems as an alternative to bankruptcy.

  • Establish payment plans
  • Notate client’s system of payment arrangements
  • Statement generation
  • Monitoring program with follow up calls as needed

A/R Cleanup Projects

This program gives you the ability to free up your staff to complete those tasks that require their immediate attention. This program is customized to fit your business needs. EBO Solutions will work as an extension of your business office.

  • Maximize account resolution
  • Maintain good customer relationships
  • Reduce bad debt assignments and collection costs
  • Customize programs to fit business needs
  • Settlement programs

Unique Features of EBO Solutions

Online Real-time Access to Your Account

Through our client portal, you are able to access your account at any time that is convenient for you. You can run audits, look up specific accounts, and pull reports.

Professional Practices Management System (PPMS™) certified

PPMS is a management system based upon developing, implementing, and adhering to professional practices and policies. The program is ISO 9002 compatible in principal. The design of the PPMS™ program has been engineered toward the Revenue Recovery Industry.

Statements on System and Organization Type 1 SOC 1 certified

SOC 1 is the authoritative guidance that allows service organizations to disclose their control activities and processes to their clients and their clients’ auditors in a uniform reporting format.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) – Data Security Standard(DSS)3.0 certified

SecurityMetrics, Inc. is a leading provider of PCI – DSS security solutions. We are fully compliant with all aspects of PCI – DSS 3.0.

Red Flag Identity Theft Compliant

EBO Solutions is Red Flag Compliant in accordance with the F TC Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act #114. Our corporate Red Flag Rules Compliance policy is reviewed annually.

Physical Security

  • Strict Badge Entrance
  • Surveillance cameras inside and outside
  • Secure Payment Processing area
  • Business continuity plan
  • Backup UPS/Diesel generator
  • Secure IT server environment
  • Annual penetration test
  • Internal motion detectors

Data Security

  • Encrypted servers, emails, and laptops
  • Auto log out controls
  • Strong password authentication
  • Firewalls
  • PCI compliance quarterly scans
  • Portable media disabled
  • No personal cell phones permitted
  • Annual penetration test

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